About the podcast

In an increasingly connected world, bad news often seems to travel more quickly than good. Hatred, violence, greed seem to be readily available at every turn, while kindness and human decency seem to be hard to come by. I've read that the human mind is far more prone to recognize and remember negative events than positive ones. To this end, Good Humans is my effort to bring positivity front and center, where it cannot be ignored, and restore faith in humanity. And maybe improve my own, at the same time.

Good Humans is about exploring ideas, meeting interesting people, and making the world better, one conversation at a time. Let's learn to be Good Humans together. We're all we've got.


about the Host

My name is Josh Owens. I'm 32 years old, and I am a podcaster, blogger, musician, comic book enthusiast, and a kid at heart. I'm trying to understand the world and maybe make it a better place along the way. I hope you'll help me.